Terms and Conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions of the program carefully before registering or using the website. All users of this web-page consent that accessing and taking information from this website will be done according to the Terms and Conditions.

By using this site you agree to review this section periodically, as the section may suffer modification. The program is conceived in such a manner that all its action will be governed by Swiss Laws. The clauses of these Terms and Conditions apply to all applicants and are governed by the following terms: Program Holcim-Accelerator is a 6 months acceleration program, which is structured to have 3 major sessions: the first one discussing the need and expectations the start-up will tackle, the second one being on one to one meeting with experts and the last one to pitch the project to Holcim, Corporate Partners and investors.

The full agenda will be announced at the beginning of the program.


Holcim Obligations In order to help to the development of the start-up’s project and thereby facilitate its implementation and potential for success, Holcim undertakes to help the start-up during the duration of the Holcim-Accelerator program with :

  • Coaching and mentoring;
  • Meeting with experts
  • Access to the lab and facilities
  • Organizing the onboarding step, sprint week and demo day


Start-up Obligations In pursuing the object of this agreement, the start-up agrees to :

  • Participate and attend Holcim-Accelerator program with a maximum of 2 team members
  • Participate in the activities proposed by Holcim-Accelerator in accordance with the schedule delivered
  • Provide feedback at the end the Program
  • Provide information about fundraising, business development for up to 3 years after the program
  • Authorize Holcim and its Affiliates to use the start-up’s name and trademarks in promotional materials related to the Program
  • Agree to participate in the (i) only for lawful purposes and in conformity with any and all applicable laws and (ii) without knowingly violating any Intellectual Property Rights (including without limitation, copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret)., publicity, privacy, confidentiality, contractual or other right of any third party.

Selection procedure : The selection will be made based on the form that you can find on our registration page.

Intellectual Property : The applicant retains sole and exclusive ownership of its Intellectual Property Rights acquired prior to the Program or that the applicant may develop or acquire thereafter.