How can we better utilize our resources to generate supply chain efficiencies ?

Solutions should provide operational optimization to reduce wasted CO2 while improving operational costs.


In the US it is important to address the cost aspect in order to gain interest in reducing CO2.

How can we accomplish this? Not to generate more data points and use the data we already have available. We need a solution that will assist with the data management, will be able to extract live data from the systems and convert data into meaningful and actionable insights. The tool needs to be able to be lifted and move from system to system.

Today we have a severe shortage of commercial drivers. We would like to solve the logistics distribution problem; however, later this tool could be applied to manage quality control, AP/AR, and maintenance management data.

The indicators that will help to drive behaviour need to be in a platform that will be accessible to many stakeholders, internal and external. Often we waste resources due to actions from our customers. Goal is to optimize the process for Holcim and Sika, as well as our customers and other stakeholders in the process.

This is to create a strategic partnership and have everyone aligned towards achieving the same objectives; CO2 reduction and cost optimization.

  • Easy implementation
  • Experience / background / engagement on sustainability
  • Ownership of the data
  • Scalability
  • Budget

team members

Director, Innovation and Ready Mix (RMX) Performance
  • Company : Holcim
Senior Vice President - Concrete
  • Company : Sika